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Freequently Asked Questions

What will we learn?

We teach and inspire couples to grow closer to God and each other; to have a healthier marriage so they can have a better impact where they are.  You will learn to build healthier marriages for healthier families.

When are you available?

Starting in Spring 2020 you we will be available for workshops Wednesday and Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.

What do you offer?

We offer one 2 hour session workshops, weekend retreats, and multi-day series.

What is the cost?

Cost is $250 per session, $500 for weekend retreat, and $200 per session of a multi-day series.

Will you travel?

Yes, you pay travel and lodging expenses.

What materials do you need from location?

Depending on size of the group we need TV/projection screen and internet connection as well as the largest whiteboard available.

Dan and Kristi have been an absolute treasure to our church. They have invested so much into so many of our people. Their heart for healthy marriages and families is incredible. Whether it’s dealing with finances, blended families, unfaithfulness or helping new marriages start in the right way, Dan and Kristi are more than equipped and ready to help and assist with all of those situations, and many more. Dan and Kristi have led multiple marriage, family, parenting, and financial seminars for us also. They’ve made eternal impact in hundreds of families. The strongest testament to their ministry is their own marriage and family. I’m so thankful for them, their leadership, and their ministry.

Josh Sullivan

Campus pastor, CityHope Mobile

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