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There’s no Job too big or too small for us to take on.


Learn how to set boundaries in dating, how to spot God’s chosen spouse for you, and more.


Focus on setting boundaries and recognizing patterns – building the good & tearing out the destructive.


Receive instruction on intentional parenting through prayers, dream boards, and vision casting. 


Dating Boundaries

Setting boundaries is vitally important to healthy relationships. We have a quick way to identify and build your boundaries.

Marriage Readiness
Is being ready for marriage a feeling or just the next logical step in your life?  Are there pitfalls or warning signs in relationships?  Is there anything you can do to ensure a happy marriage?  Let us give you some directions and answers to these questions.
The Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts assessment designed by marriage counselors, Les and Leslie Parrot.  SYMBIS gives you a personalized road map to make your future marriage everything it was meant to be.  Their 30 min online assessment provides you with a 16-page report covering all of the marriage basics.  We are certified SYMBIS facilitators that have led individuals, couples and large groups through processing and understanding the SYMBIS assessment.


Personality Styles
While we are all uniquely created, we all also fit into some general tendencies and styles that can be quantified into 4 personality styles.  These 4 styles were identified by the ancient greeks and modernized by several authors, one of the most notable being Florence Littauer.  We will take the Personality Plus quiz and then practically apply this to your marriage so that more positive communication is the result.
Surely, our childhood experiences can be left in the past and not drastically impact our current relationships.  Right?  Or, maybe not!  Let us help you identify those childhood patterns and overcome or neutralize them from controlling your current lives.
Conflict Resolution
Most people shut down conflict, avoid conflicts or stuff areas that cause conflict.  We go happily towards conflict!! We love to fight!  How is that possible?  Because we explain Unfair fights and Fair fights and teach you how to stop the unfair and move forward with healthy conflict resolution.  Then you can also love to fight!!


Intentional parenting

Start With The End in Mind is a business management principle made popular by Stephen Covey.  This is the concept behind intentional parenting.  Do you have daily activities that are keeping your children childish or are you helping them to be more mature?  Let’s review and brainstorm more ways to build maturity in our children.


There is nothing more humbling than parenting our children.  If the purpose of having children is to bring us to our knees, then mission accomplished!  Every day we have to recognize that our children are individuals that will make different choices and decisions away from what we desire.  All the time, prayer is our first line of defense in parenting.  

Dream boards & Vision casting

Dream boards are something that we accidentally fell into.  It’s been one of the best things to include our children in family planning and activities.  The real effectiveness of this tool is seeing the following year in reviewing where you started and then where you ended up.  We’ll share our humble experiences and hopefully inspire you to start your own dream boards.

Why Choose US

Unique & Diverse

We go beyond basic communcation skills and get to the nitty-gritty of conflict resolution

Real-life Practical Tools

Walk away with handouts, practical tools, and resources to use and apply right away.

Bible-Centered Focus

It’s important to recognize and own your foundation – ours is God and the Bible.

our Resources

Whether you are a newlywed looking for premarital assessments, well into your marriage looking for insight and encouragement, or a parent looking for help building a healthy family, our selection of books, assessments, and video resources will take your progress to a new level.

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